How to Avoid Meltdowns at Disney

Meltdowns are common

Not everything is magical at Disney! It's common for kids and adults to have meltdowns because Disney vacations can be  tiring & stressful!

Even the most level-headed adults  have meltdowns & tantrums  at Disney!

Tips on  How to Avoid meltdowns & tantrums  at Disney

#1 Don't wait in line

Waiting in line is difficult for both adults and kids. At Disney World, waiting in line is a common cause of meltdowns. You can easily wait in line for an hour or more just to ride a 6-minute ride.

Buy Disney Genie+

It's worth it to pay  the extra $15 per person per day to cut the line

#2 Stay cool

Disney can get unbearably hot in the  summer! As much as possible try to stay cool- buy that frozen treat, get the water mister

#3 Don't make dinner reservations

Disney vacations are hectic enough. Don't add stress by overscheduling your vacation!

#4 order ahead with mobile order

The line can be long just to order food! Skip the line and order ahead with  the Disney App

#5 don't go to disney everyday

Give yourself a break, don't go to Disney consecutive days. Relax, have a pool day!

#6 wear comfortable shoes

Make sure everyone is wearing comfortable shoes. Sneakers are best You will walk a lot. In Magic Kingdom, I average 20,000 steps a day!

#7 buy magicbands for everyone

Tickets are scanned multiple times at Disney.  Save yourself from the stress of trying to find everyone’s Disney tickets.  Buy MagicBands for everyone!

Good Luck!

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