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Family Vacation 101 is your one stop guide to family vacations! Whether you are going on a beach vacation, a big city vacation or ski vacation, we have a lot of tips and advice for your family. The best part is, we will try to save you money!

ski mom

Joselynn is a frequent traveler who enjoys taking her children on family vacations. She has traveled to more than 25 countries and been on over 20 cruises. During the ski season, she is an avid skier who takes her family on ski vacations. She currently resides in the New York City metropolitan area with her husband and two kids. Joselynn graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s Degree.

  • Favorite Animal Encounter: Seeing the Little Penguins in Melbourne
  • Favorite Caribbean Beach: Aruba for the soft sand and calm waters
  • Favorite Family Road Trip: Northern Italy road trip from Milan to Venice 
  • Favorite Beach in the World: Beaches in Palawan, Philippines
  • Favorite Disney Memory: Riding The Haunted Mansion again and again in Tokyo Disneyland because there were no lines.