Nickelodeon Universe American Dream

9 Tips for Nickelodeon Universe American Dream

Are you going to the Nickelodeon theme park at American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, NJ? You should read this before you go. Below are my tips and advice for going to Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream Mall.

Nickelodeon Universe American Dream Mall
Nickelodeon Universe American Dream Mall

8 Tips When Visiting Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream Mall

1. You Don’t Need to Buy Tickets to get into Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park

Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream Mall is an open gate park. That means you can walk into Nickelodeon’s theme park without buying a ticket. It’s not like going to Disney World where everyone going in has to have a ticket. At Nickelodeon Universe, you can walk in, look around, and decide which ride to go on without a ticket. You pay per ride at the American Dream Mall Nickelodeon Universe, you just buy points for your ride. The rides at Nickelodeon Universe are $7 to $10 per ride.

Although know that during the holiday weekends, when the mall is busy, you may not be able to buy points since they have limited availability. But of course, if you want unlimited rides, you can buy the Nickelodeon Universe All Access pass and ride all you want!

2. Rides at Nickelodeon Universe Can Be Scary 

Many of the rides at Nickelodeon Universe are not that kid-friendly. There are many rides that may not be suitable for little kids or for anyone who is not a big fan of thrill rides. A lot of the roller coaster rides have inversions and very steep drops (almost vertical!). You wouldn’t expect it from a mall theme park but surprisingly a lot of the rides at the Nickelodeon Theme Park in American Dream Mall are intense. Unless you are a fan of thrill rides, I don’t suggest buying the All Access Pass because you won’t be able to ride many of the rides. It’s just too scary!

3. There are Lockers to Store your Stuff

Thankfully, there are lockers at the Nickelodeon Universe theme park so you can store your wallet, phone, and other valuables. Trust me, you will need it if you are going on one of the thrill rides with inversions. You will have to pay to rent these lockers though. Otherwise, if you have a friend or family member not going on the ride with you, you can leave your stuff with them. 

4. Kids Can’t Go Alone on Rides at Nickelodeon Universe Alone

Kids under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult or an older teen. You should plan to accompany your child on rides at Nickelodeon Universe. I am prone to motion sickness so I try to bring my husband or another relative to go with my kids on the intense thrill rides. 

5. There are Live Shows at Nickelodeon Universe in American Dream Mall

Every time we go to the American Dream Mall, I like to bring the kids to Nickelodeon Universe. It’s a fun place to go to even if you are not planning to go on any rides. There are Live Shows with Nickelodeon characters that you can watch for free with the kids. It’s great for little kids- it’s like going to a mini-concert to watch Dora, Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob and Paw Patrol sing and dance for free!

6. Lots of Penny Press at Nickelodeon Universe in American Dream Mall

If your kids are like mine, we are obsessed with Penny Press machines. My kids are always on the hunt for Penny Press machines to add pressed pennies to their Penny Press collection. There are a lot of Penny Press machines at Nickelodeon Universe- there is an entire wall of Penny Press machines inside the Nickelodeon theme park and more Penny Press machines just outside the entrance of Nickelodeon Universe. The best part is these Penny Press are Nickelodeon themed- SpongeBob, Paw Patrol- you name a Nickelodeon character, chances are they have it!

7. Twilight Tickets at Nickelodeon Universe are a Good Deal

You can buy discounted tickets at Nickelodeon Universe. These discounted tickets are called Twilight Tickets and they range from $39 to $55 per ticket. They are a $20-$39 discount from regular All Access Tickets. You can go on unlimited rides for 2 hours at Nickelodeon Universe with Twilight Tickets. They are valid for the last 2 hours of park operation. Nickelodeon Universe typically closes at 7 pm so you can use these discounted tickets from 5 pm-7 pm! It’s a good deal!

8. Skip the Line with QuickPass at Nickelodeon Universe

Similar to Disney’s Lightning Lane system, Nickelodeon Universe has its own version of Lightning Lane where you can skip the line when you purchase their QuickPass. It’s pricey though- at $50 per person. But it may be worth it if you are going on peak Holiday weekends. American Dream Mall can get really busy on Holiday weekends! We were at American Dream Mall the day after Christmas and it took us 45 minutes just to leave the parking garage!

9. Lots of Places to Go to For Lunch or a Snack at American Dream Mall

You won’t go hungry when visiting Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream Mall. There is a big food court at American Dream Mall and lots of eateries throughout the mall. If you have kids who love the YouTuber, MrBeast, you can even get burgers at his restaurant, MrBeast Burger. The closest place for a quick snack near Nickelodeon Universe is the Oreo Cafe. The Oreo Cafe is located across from Nickelodeon Universe inside the giant candy store emporium, It’s Sugar store. 

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