How to Dress Kids in Layers for Skiing

How to Dress Kids in Layers for Skiing

Are you taking your child skiing for the first time? Don’t know how to dress your child for skiing? You don’t want to over bundle your child that they become uncomfortably hot while skiing. At the same time you don’t want your child to get too cold because you did not dress them warm enough. The trick is to layer correctly so your child is warm and comfortable when they are skiing. Here is a beginner’s guide on how to dress kids in layers for skiing so they are comfortable and warm. Below are recommendations on ski gear and clothing that I have used on my kids to keep them warm for a day on the slopes.

How Many Layers Do Kids Need to Stay Warm While Skiing?

Your kids will need 3 layers to stay warm while skiing. The first layer is the base layer which consists of the thermo base layer top and leggings. The mid layer is a zip up fleece. And finally the top layer consists of waterproof outerwear such as ski jackets and ski pants. Below I’ll show you how to dress kids in layers for skiing

Ski Base Layer for Kids

When skiing, the base layer is what will keep your kids dry by wicking sweat away from the skin. Thermal base layer keeps kids warm by trapping a layer of warm air around skin. Since the base layer is what is touching the skin, you need to make sure the thermal base layer is soft and comfortable. My son is particularly sensitive to the texture of fabric, so I only buy the softest thermal base layer for him. If your child is like my son, you will want to use the softest thermal base layer. I recommend these Hot Chillys thermal layer. These are midweight base layer that are soft and comfortable. They come in many different colors and fun prints which is a must if you have more than one child (so you can tell them apart). I also like these 32 Degrees Kid’s Heat Base Layer for skiing. These thermal layers are soft and thin so it’s really comfortable for kids.

Ski Mid Layer for Kids

Fleece is my go-to mid layer for kids when skiing. Especially when skiing in the Northeast, it can get cold on the slopes. I like these Hot Chillys mid weight fleece as a mid layer for kids when skiing. Note that the mid layer is only for the top, to keep the torso warm. There is no mid layer pants, kids will overheat if you add a mid layer pants.

Ski Top Layer for Kids

The top layer for skiing is the outerwear. Ski outerwear should be lined and waterproof to keep your kids comfortable while skiing. Your child will need a good ski jacket and snow pants as the top layer for skiing.

Snow Pants vs. Snow Bibs for Skiing

What’s better for kids when they are skiing- snow pants or snow bibs? If you are confused on what the difference between snow pants and snow bibs are, then let me explain. Snow pants are pants that are lined and waterproof, it will keep the legs warm. Just like any pants, snow pants are easy to pull up and down and they usually have a zip and snap. While snow bibs are jumpers that are lined and waterproof, it will keep both the legs and torso warm. Snow pants are easier to wear because you just have to pull up and down to take off while snow bibs will require unzipping the top jumper part to take off. For younger kids below 12 years old, I recommend snow bibs for skiing. It keeps them warmer and dryer. While teens will be more comfortable in snow pants when skiing. My teenage daughter likes these Lucky Bums snow pants. While for my little guy, I stick with these snow bibs. They are my go-to snow bibs for skiing, they are comfortable and I buy them every year. I also like these Carter’s snow bibs for skiing, my little niece gets them every year.

Best Kids Ski Jackets for Skiing

For ski jackets, these Burton ski jackets are great. They are comfortable and will keep kids warm when skiing even in the harshest Northeast winter. It’s also nice that these Burton ski jackets come in many different colors and styles. If your child likes colorful ski wear, then these Roxy ski jackets are great for fun prints.

What are Essential Ski Accessories for Kids?

In order to keep your kids warm on the slopes, your child will need waterproof ski gloves, ski socks, ski goggles and a ski helmet.

What’s Best for Skiing- Gloves or Mitts?

To keep your child’s fingers warm while skiing, you have the choice of going with ski mitts or ski gloves. So what’s better for kids- ski gloves or ski mitts? It depends, if your child is not using ski poles then I recommend waterproof mitts since it will keep little fingers warmer. Otherwise, stick with ski gloves for kids so they can have better grip on their ski poles.

What are the Best Kids Socks for Skiing?

For skiing, you should get wool socks for your kids. Wool socks are breathable and moisture wicking, keeping your child’s feet comfortable and dry on the slopes. These cushioned wool socks are our favorite for skiing.

Get Your Own Ski Helmet

Ski helmets are available for rent with your ski equipment however, I don’t like the idea of my kids using a rental helmet. If you are like me, I recommend buying your kids their own ski helmet. Kids ski helmets have dials to adjust the fit so it should last your kids a few seasons. Check out these fun Giro ski helmets with matching ski goggles. I also like these Smith ski helmets.

Do Kids Need Ski Goggles?

Yes, kids need ski goggles to protect their eyes from the sun. Think of it as sunglasses for skiers. The glare from the sun is especially more intense on the slopes so it is helpful for kids to have ski goggles. Ski goggles also protect skiers from the cold as well. You can match your kids ski goggles to their helmets. If you get the Smith ski helmet for your child, then get the matching Smith ski goggles.

Remember, you need to dress kids in layers for skiing. It will keep them warm and comfortable on the slopes. Enjoy!

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