Test Track at Disney World

Beginner’s Guide to Test Track at Disney World

Test Track is a very popular ride at Disney World. It is my kids’ favorite high-speed thrill ride at Disney’s Epcot. Here is a beginner’s guide to Test Track. Below you will find everything you need to know about Test Track at Epcot.

Test Track Disney World
Test Track at Disney World

What is Disney’s Test Track Ride?

Test Track is a very popular ride at Disney World’s Epcot. It is located in Epcot’s Future World. Test Track is a thrill ride at Epcot that is almost like a roller coaster. First, you will have the opportunity to design your vehicle and then you will be able to test your new vehicle in a high-speed drive around the indoor and outdoor track. There is also an amazing post-show with lots of games and more opportunities to design more vehicles.

How Long is the Test Track Ride?

Test Track Ride is approximately 4 minutes long. 

Is there a Long Wait to get into Test Track Ride?

Yes, the wait time can be long to get on the Test Track ride. I suggest you get on Test Track when Epcot opens (within the first 30 minutes) and when it’s about to close. You can also go on the single rider line, it’s usually shorter.

Test Track at Disney World
Test Track at Disney World

Is the Standby Line for Test Track Indoors or Outdoors?

The standby line of Test Track takes place mostly indoors. 

Is Test Track Ride a Disney Genie Plus Ride?

Yes, Test Track is a Disney Genie plus ride. You can make Lightning Lane reservations for Test Track. 

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How Long is the Wait in Test Track Lightning Lane?

The wait is minimal when you get on the Test Track Lightning Lane. You pretty much go straight to the ride. 

How Do I Buy Test Track Disney Genie Plus?

You can buy Disney Genie Plus starting at midnight on the day of your visit to the parkt. You can then start to make your first Lightning Lane reservations at 7 am.

Does the Lightning Lane for Test Track Sell Out?

Yes, Lightning Lane for Test Track does sell out by mid-day or earlier. You should reserve your Test Track Lightning Lane as your 2nd or 3rd ride. You need to book your lightning lane reservations for Test Track by 10 am or earlier because it sells out quickly.

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Test Track at Disney World
Test Track at Disney World

What Happens to My Lightning Lane Reservation When Test Track Closes?

If Test Track breaks down, your Lightning Lane pass will become a Multiple Experience Lightning Lane pass. It means you will be able to use your Lightning Lane anytime until the ride closes or you can book Lightning Lane at other rides (some restrictions apply). 

Can I Ride Test Track During Early Theme Park Entry?

Yes, you can ride Test Track during early theme park entry. Early Theme Park Entry is available for guests staying at Disney World Resort.

Is Disney’s Test Track Ride a Roller Coaster?

Yes, Disney’s Test Track is a thrill ride. It is not your traditional roller coaster but it is a high-speed ride that feels similar to being on a roller coaster. You will go on very sharp curves of 50 degrees at Test Track while at a top speed of 65 mph! There are no backward movements and no inversions at Test Track.

Test Track at Disney World
Test Track at Disney World

What is Test Track’s Top Speed?

Test Track reaches a top speed of up to 65 mph.

Is Disney’s Test Track Ride Scary?

Disney’s Test Track can be scary for kids and adults who are afraid of high-speed thrill rides.

Will You Get Motion Sickness When You Ride Test Track?

Yes, some adults may get dizzy riding Test Track. It is a high-speed thrill ride with no backward movements. I’m prone to motion sickness and I was okay riding Test Track. 

What is the Minimum Height to Ride Test Track?

The minimum height to ride Test Track is 40 inches (102 cm).

What is the Seating Like for Test Track? How Many People Can Fit in a row at Test Track Ride?

Each Test Track car can seat 6 people. There are 2 rows in each car. Each row at Test Track can seat 3 riders.

Test Track Tips

1. The standby line to get on the Test Track is very long. It is a very popular ride at Epcot.
2. Book Test Track Lightning Lane Reservations as the 2nd or 3rd Lightning Lane ride reservations.
3. If you don’t want to buy Disney Genie Plus, wait in line at the Test Track Standby line when it is the shortest, typically in the morning and at the end of the day. 

4. Go on the single rider line. The single rider line at Test Track is typically shorter than the regular standby line. But do know when you get on the single rider line at Test Track, you will not get to design a vehicle, since you will skip it as a single rider.

NameTest Track
Type of RideHigh-speed thrill ride
Minimum Height40 Inches (102 cm)
Number of Riders per Row3 (2 rows per Test Track car)
Lightning Lane TypeDisney Genie Plus
Good for Kids?Yes
Disney World’s Test Track Ride Stats

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