Where to Buy Discount Disney Tickets in 2024

Do you want to save money on Disney theme park tickets? But you’re worried about being scammed? There are a lot of Disney ticket resellers out there, so how can you know who to trust? After all, you don’t want to be taken advantage of while purchasing affordable Disney tickets. Disney tickets start at $109 per person per day, however, they are frequently significantly more expensive during peak season. You’ll spend hundreds of dollars on your Disney vacation between ticket pricing, accommodation, food, and airfare. The last thing you want is to buy your tickets from a reseller just to discover you’ve been fooled!

There are several methods to purchase cheaper Disney tickets. Below are ways to get discounted Disney tickets. I’m only showing you trusted-worthy ways to get discounted theme park tickets that I’ve personally used.

1. Save 5% on Disney Theme Park Tickets

By purchasing Disney Gift cards from Target, you can save 5% on Disney theme park tickets. At Disney, Disney gift cards are treated as currency. The gift cards can be used to purchase theme park tickets, pay for your Disney accommodation, and purchase Disney presents, souvenirs, and meals. The best way to obtain the 5% discount on Disney gift cards is to pay for them with your Target credit card. You’re effectively getting a 5% discount on your Disney visit by purchasing gift cards at Target! To see how it works, watch our YouTube video.

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The credit limit on your Target credit card is something to keep in mind when using it. I maxed up my Target credit card by purchasing many $500 gift cards. My recommendation to you is to request a credit limit increase if you know you’ll be taking a Disney vacation soon. It takes a few months for them to review your application, so plan ahead and obtain your maximum credit limit so you may purchase more Disney gift cards.

If you don’t already have a Target credit card, it might be worth getting one just to receive a 5% discount on your Disney vacation.

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2. Buy Discounted Theme Park tickets from AAA

Another option for saving money on Disney theme park tickets is to purchase them from AAA. If you are a AAA member, you can get reduced Disney tickets on the AAA website. You can select the number of days and your arrival date, just like on the Disney website. Then you can add Park Hopper and Water Park tickets to your order. When compared to the prices on Disney’s website, I notice that AAA ticket costs are a little lower.

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For example, I priced out a 6-day Disney World ticket with Genie + on AAA and on the Disney website. 

On the Disney website, the total for the 6 day ticket with Genie +  is $662.03. 

While if I priced out the 6-day Disney World ticket with Genie + on the AAA website, the total is  $632.41.

There is a savings of $29.62 if you buy the tickets from AAA. 

Now, let’s compare it to the 5% savings you get at Target. A 5% discount off $662.03 will bring down your total to $628.92. 

Comparing all three, the cheapest way to buy Disney tickets is by using the Target method where you get a 5% discount on Disney gift cards.

WebsiteDisney World Ticket Price
AAA Website$632.41
Disney Website$662.03
Disney Giftcards (with 5% off using Target Red Card)$628.92
Price Comparison of Disney World Theme Park Tickets

Keep in mind that ticket prices fluctuate. So, before you buy your tickets, I recommend that you do what I did and price them out to compare ticket pricing. Make sure you go to the final screen before checking out to ensure that all taxes and fees are included.

Another way to save on Disney tickets is to check Costco and Sam’s Club for any discounted Disney tickets or Disney gift card offers. Try Costco Travel, occasionally they give discounted tickets if you book a Disney travel package through them. You should also check Target for discounted tickets. As I’m making this video, Target is currently selling Disneyland tickets online. 

Good luck with your upcoming Disney vacation. I hope you get the lowest Disney theme park ticket prices. The methods I suggested are trustworthy methods. For sure you won’t get scammed. 

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