how to get the most out of your private disney tour

How to Get the Most Out of Your Private Disney VIP Tour

Hiring a Disney VIP Tour Guide is very expensive. At peak season, you are looking at $850 per hour or almost $6000 a day just to have a private Disney VIP Tour Guide. Since you are paying by the hour, you want to make the most out of every minute of your private Disney VIP Tour. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your private Disney VIP Tour. 

Disney World Epcot
Disney World Epcot

5 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Private Disney VIP Tour

1. Don’t let your Disney VIP tour guide pick you up from your hotel

At $850 per hour, make every minute count. Instead of asking your Disney VIP Tour Guide to pick you up at your hotel, it’s better to meet him/her at the first ride. If it takes 30 minutes total to get from your hotel to the first ride, that means you just spent $425 being picked up at your hotel by your Disney VIP tour guide. With the 30 minutes you saved, you could’ve added a ride or two to your day. 

2. Have Your List of Rides Ready

Rather than wasting time with your Disney VIP tour guide discussing which rides you want to ride, plan ahead and have a list of rides ready. Spend some time with your kids and other members of your group to talk about which rides are on their wish list and have them rank the rides in order of importance. Your Disney VIP Tour Guide will be able to rapidly devise a game plan and plot out your itinerary. Remember, make every minute with your Disney tour guide count!

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3. Don’t Waste Time on Lunch

Lunch is essential but that does not mean you should waste your time on it with your Disney VIP Tour Guide. Have a quick lunch. Go to a quick service restaurant. Don’t bother with a sit-down restaurant. Avoid the character restaurants at all costs. Save it for another day. Order ahead with Mobile ordering in the Disney app.

Remember, you are paying your Disney VIP Tour Guide by the hour! The clock does not stop ticking even as you take your lunch break.

4. Do all the Rides in One Day with a Park Hopper pass

A Park Hopper pass will let you get the most out of your private Disney VIP tour. You’ll be able to visit all four parks and ride all of the rides on your list in one day! The way I see it, you will save on theme park tickets because you don’t need to go back to Disney since you’ve already covered everything on your list! 

Disney World Epcot
Disney World Epcot

5. Split the Cost with Another Family 

The Disney VIP Private Tour is priced for 10 people. That means even if you have 8 people in your party, you are still paying the same price. You should invite another family to join you on the private Disney tour so you can split the cost up. But remember, don’t have that 11th person because you will end up paying double for two Disney guides instead of one! Infants count as one person!

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