Jungle Cruise Disney World

Beginner’s Guide: Jungle Cruise at Disney World 2024

Jungle Cruise is a very popular ride at Disney. It is a beloved Safari boat ride at Disney World. Here is a beginner’s guide to Jungle Cruise. Below you will find everything you need to know about Jungle Cruise Ride at Magic Kingdom.

Jungle Cruise Disney World
Jungle Cruise at Night

What is Disney’s Jungle Cruise Ride?

Jungle Cruise is a very popular ride at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It is located in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland. Jungle Cruise is an outdoor safari boat ride where you will encounter animatronic animals deep in the jungle. It is a lot of fun because the skipper entertains the passengers with jokes. It’s a family-friendly safari boat ride that everyone enjoys.   

How Long is the Jungle Cruise Ride?

Jungle Cruise Ride is approximately 9 minutes long. 

Is there a Long Wait to get into Jungle Cruise Ride?

Yes, there is usually a long wait time to get on the Jungle Cruise Ride. I suggest you go first thing in the morning when the park opens or at the end of the day during the last two hours before the park closes.

Is the Standby Line for Jungle Cruise Indoors or Outdoors?

The standby line of Jungle Cruise takes place outdoors. It is a shaded waiting area. 

Is Jungle Cruise Ride a Lightning Lane Ride?

Yes, Jungle Cruise is a Lightning Lane Ride. 

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How Long is the Wait in Jungle Cruise Lightning Lane?

The wait is minimal when you get on the Jungle Cruise Lightning Lane. You pretty much go straight to the ride. 

How Do I Buy Jungle Cruise Lightning Lane?

You can buy Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane on the day of your visit to the park. You can then start to make your first Lightning Lane reservations at 7 am.

Does the Lightning Lane for Jungle Cruise Sell Out?

Yes, Lightning Lane for Jungle Cruise does sell out. You should reserve your Jungle Cruise Lightning Lane as your 1st ride. This is a ride where it is worth getting up early to make your Lightning Lane reservation at 7 am because it is the most popular Lightning Lane ride at Magic Kingdom.

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What Happens to My Lightning Lane When Jungle Cruise Closes?

If Jungle Cruise breaks down, your Lightning Lane pass will become a Multiple Experience Lightning Lane pass. It means you will be able to use your Lightning Lane anytime until the ride closes or you can book Lightning Lane at other rides (some restrictions apply). 

Can I Ride Jungle Cruise During Early Theme Park Entry?

No, Jungle Cruise is not open during early theme park entry. 

Is Disney’s Jungle Cruise Ride a Roller Coaster?

No, Disney’s Jungle Cruise is not a roller coaster. It is an outdoor safari boat ride. There are no drops on the Jungle Cruise ride. 

Is Disney’s Jungle Cruise Ride Scary?

Disney’s Jungle Cruise is not scary. If you go on the Jungle Cruise at night, small children may find it a little scary to cruise in the dark.

Will You Get Motion Sickness When You Ride Jungle Cruise?

No, you won’t get motion sickness on Jungle Cruise. I’m prone to motion sickness and felt okay after the ride.  

What is the Minimum Height to Ride Jungle Cruise?

There is no minimum height to ride Jungle Cruise Ride.

What is the Seating Like for Jungle Cruise? How Many People Can Fit in a row at Jungle Cruise Ride?

The seating of the Jungle Cruise is not configured in rows. You will ride in a big boat that can accommodate a lot of riders with pretty much free seating.

Jungle Cruise Tips

1. The standby line to get on the Jungle Cruise can be long. It’s worth it to buy Genie+ Lightning Lane since the wait to ride the Jungle Cruise is really long. Plus, you can use Lightning Lane for many rides at Magic Kingdom.
2. Book Jungle Cruise Lightning Lane Reservations as your 1st Lightning Lane ride.
3. If you don’t want to buy Genie+ Lightning Lane, wait in line at Jungle Cruise Standby line when it is shortest when the park first opens and at the end of the day 2 hours before closing time. 

NameJungle Cruise
Type of RideSafari boat ride
Minimum HeightNo Minimum Height
Lightning Lane TypeGenie+ Lightning Lane
Good for Kids?Yes
Disney World Jungle Cruise Facts

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