Killington is a family friendly resort in Vermont. It is a large ski resort that is perfect for families with different levels of abilities, the ski school at Killington is great for kids who are new to skiing and the mountain at Killington is challenging enough for the advanced skier. In fact, Killington is home to one of the largest vertical drop in New England at 3,050 ft!

How Old do Kids Have to Be to Go to the Ski School at Killington?

Kids should be at least 4 years old to sign up for the ski school at Killington.

What are the Other Family Friendly Activities at Killington?

Aside from skiing and snowboarding, there are a lot of other family friendly activities at Killington. You can take the kids tubing at the multi-lane tubing park. Kids will also get a thrill riding child-sized snowmobiles! For families looking for a more relaxing activity for the little one, Killington has scenic gondola rides up the mountain. Kids 6 years old and under ride the gondola for free (just stop at the ticket window to pick up your child’s complimentary ticket). Killington is a good choice if you are looking for a family friendly ski resort in Vermont.

Do Kids Ski Free at Killington (ages 6 years old and under)?

Yes, kids 6 years old and under ski free at Killington. Just stop by the ticket window at Killington to pickup your child’s free lift ticket.

How Much Does it Cost to Go on a Family Vacation at Killington?

A family vacation at Killington will costs approximately $6,354 for a family ski trip. We priced out this Killington family vacation using our Ski Vacation Calculator (note that these are not exact pricing but rough estimate to give you an idea of cost). This is for a family of four assuming you stay at a lodging at Killington for 5 nights ($350 per night), you rent skis, your kids are signed up for 2 days of ski school, you eat out every meal at reasonably priced restaurants and the entire family skis for 5 days. Your lift tickets are full priced tickets not discounted lift ticket or season passes. To price out your family vacation, check out our Ski Vacation Calculator!

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Plan Your Ski Vacation at Killington

About Killington

Address3861 Killington Rd, Killington, VT
Mountain FactsKillington has a vertical drop of 3,050 ft. It has 155 trails in over 1,509 acres of skiable terrain. Killington has 21 total lifts including gondolas, chairlifts and magic carpets.
Ski SchoolKillington has an excellent ski school for kids. There are half day and full day ski instructions for kids as well as group and private lessons
Age Ski School Starts4 years old
Ski School is Nut FreeN/A
Daycare Minimum Age3 months old
Ski Day Trip to Metro AreaNew York Metro Area, Boston Metro Area
Type of Ski Resort: Destination Ski Resort
On-Site Hotel or Condo Accommodation:There are a lot of on-site hotels and condo-style accommodations at Killington
Ikon or Epic PassKillington is an Ikon Pass Resort
Discount Lift Tickets:Killington Lift Tickets from $62.99

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