how to save money on skis for kids

How to Save Money on Skis for Kids

Kids grow fast and most likely they will need new skis every year. It’s very expensive to buy a new set of skis for your kids every year. Even if you rent skis every year, the rental fees can add up and become very costly. This is especially true if you have many kids and have to get multiple skis for the entire family. And what if your child is doing both skiing and snowboarding? Then you are talking about two ski equipment for your kid! So how do you save money on skis for kids? Should you buy or rent your kids skis? What is the least expensive option? Here are ways to save money on skis for kids.

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Four Ways to Save Money on Skis for Kids

Buy Used Skis for Kids

One way to save money on skis for kids is to buy used skis. You can get good deals on used kids ski equipment from online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. It is not difficult to find used skis that are in good condition. And since kids outgrow their skis so quickly, chances are the skis you are buying are lightly used. One piece of advice, when you are meeting the seller, make sure to bring your child with you so your child can try on the ski equipment before buying. Another way to buy used ski equipment is from Ebay and other online store however it’s not ideal and a little risky because you may not be able to return skis since shipping can be cost prohibitive. Keep in mind, if you buy used skis for kids, you will need to get the ski mounted (if not done yet), bindings need to be adjusted and you will probably want the skis or snowboard tuned-up. All these need to be done professionally at a ski shop and there is a cost associated with getting these done. (I don’t recommend you do these on your own! You should get it done professionally!)

Save Money with Seasonal Ski Rentals for Kids

Seasonal ski rentals for kids is another way to save money on skis for kids. Your child will get fitted for like-new ski or snowboard with a seasonal ski rental. Plus your kids will have the benefit of being professionally fitted so they are comfortable on the slopes. And if for any reason, your kids are not comfortable or if they have progressed dramatically and need better performing skis, you can always go back to the ski shop to swap out the skis. Compared to daily ski rentals, you will save money with seasonal rentals. If you plan to take your kids skiing more than 3 days in one season, then you should do seasonal ski rentals for your kids. Often times, two or three days of daily ski rentals is equivalent to the seasonal rental fee. Most local ski shops will offer seasonal ski rental programs. Seasonal ski rentals starts in the Fall, you can pick up your skis as early as September. And you get to keep the skis for the entire season. That means you don’t need to return your kids skis until April! Another good thing about seasonal ski rentals is that your child will only have to do their ski fitting once.You skip the hassle and stress of having to deal with the long lines and crowd at the ski resort rental shop! That alone is worth it!

Find a Local Ski Swap to Save On Skis for Kids

Another way to save money on ski equipment is to buy used skis for kids at a ski swap. Ski swaps are annual fundraisers for public schools, volunteer ski patrols and other non-profit organizations. They usually take place in the Fall around October or November. Ski swaps are big warehouse sale of ski equipment and ski gear. You can get skis, snowboards, boots, poles and clothing at a discount from ski swaps! Most ski swaps will sell both adult and kids size ski equipment and ski gear. If you have a local ski swap near you, you should definitely go check it out, you may be able to score a great deal on ski equipment for your kids. You should also sell your old skis and boots at the local ski swap. It’s a great way to get rid of the ski equipment that your kids have outgrown. Ski swaps will usually take used ski equipment on consignment. While you are at the ski swap, find out if they are doing mounting and tune-ups, so you can get your kids skis ready for the season.

Ask a Friend for Used Skis Their Kids Have Outgrown

Another way to save money on ski equipment for kids is to find out from friends with older kids if they have old ski equipment they are willing to sell or to give to you. Don’t be shy to ask because you may be doing them a favor. Ski equipment are bulky items and takes up a lot of room in the garage or basement, your friend may be more than happy to declutter and to get rid of old ski equipment.

Final Thoughts on How to Save Money on Skis for Kids

You can definitely save money on skis for kids through online marketplaces, ski swaps and seasonal ski rentals. In my opinion, it’s not worth buying new ski equipment for kids. They grow so quickly, you are just throwing money away if you buy new skis every year. The only thing I’d buy new are ski helmets. I don’t like the idea of my kids wearing a used helmet. If you are like me, I recommend buying your kids their own ski helmet. Kids ski helmets have dials to adjust the fit so it will last your kids a few seasons. Check out these fun Giro ski helmets with matching ski goggles. I also like these Smith ski helmets.

Good Luck and Have a Wonderful Ski Season this Year!

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